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A country of such diverse and varied landscapes, nature and culture - a vacation to Germany offers visitors a mosaic of experiences. Historic villages and cities offer a wealth of architectural delights from old churches to town halls, and opera houses. A traditional sight are the market stalls and beautiful cobbled streets of many towns or the many castles which dot the land.

Bavaria, with it's blue and white flag which is representative of the blue sky and white clouds, is a region typically known for the annual Octoberfest and very fine beer. But there is so much to discover! The Bavarian Alps with pristine lakes and towering mountains, provide a natural border and backdrop for the region, and are a popular outdoor recreation area for locals and visitors alike.

Frankfurt on the River Main plays host to an array of festivals, fairs, and carnivals each year such as the Festival of Lights. With a beautiful skyline Frantkfurt is a popular city for photographers to capture, especially during fireworks displays over the River Main.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is the home of world class universities, top sporting events, and arts academies such as for music and dance. Many historic events have taken place alongside historic buildings which are a legacy of fine German architecture.

Further to the north there are the sandy beaches which fringe the North Sea and Germany's largest island - Ruegen Island situated off the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania which is a popular tourist spot.

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Munich Airport Landing

A plane is preparing for landing at the Munich Airport in Germany.
Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. The airport of Munich resides 30 km northeast from Munich. Two artificial hills south and west are giving the visitor a good view over the airport ...
Windmill Building Window

A window frame featuring colors of red and yellow contrast against the gray roof of a windmill in Hessenpark, Germany.
The Hessenpark near Frankfurt is a kind of open air museum with old houses from the area. These houses were seperated on their original location and build again in this museum. With a adequate env ...
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