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Water Castle Gluecksburg Germany

The water castle in Gluecksburg on the northeastern coast of Germany.
On the northeastern coast of Germany this idyllic water castle in Gluecksburg is well worth a visit. The castle houses a museum and a restaurant.
Angels Bridge Rome Picture

The ancient Angels Bridge leads across the Tiber River towards the St Angel Castle in Rome, Italy.
Late afternoon light on the angels bridge leading to angels castle, Rome Italy. The castle was an old fortress during the medieval times and was renamed angels castle after the archangel Michael was ...
Amer Fort India

The elaborate Amer Fort is situated on a hilltop near the city of Jaipur in India and is a mix of hindu and muslin architecture.
The vast complex of the Amer fort near Jaipur in Rajasthan impresses with large palaces, places and beautiful views to the surrounding dry and harsh mountains. The complex was for hundreds of years ...
Castle Of Dreieich Germany

The night lighting at the Castle of Dreieich in Germany creates beautiful reflections on the water during blue hour.
The castle ruin of Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany, provides nice views, especially during the blue hour, when the illuminating lights already came on.
Red Fort New Delhi

The elaborately constructed Red Fort situated in New Delhi, India is beautifully illuminated at night.
During the evening hours the Red Fort in New Delhi is well worth a visit. Not only gives the Fort a nice view from the outside, the illumnation shows on the inside gives a pretty nice show too and ...
Prague Sculpture

A sculpture of a man and a skull sculpture at the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic.
A metal Sculpture at the end of the golden lane in the Hradc - the castle of Prague. The other side of this artefact is more attractive - especially for female visitors...
Cannes France

The vibrant city of Cannes is a popular tourist destination in the Cote d'Azur, France.
The Old Cannes Castle, Castre Tower and Museum, and the Clock Tower are brightly lit and stand out in downtown Cannes.The city of Cannes is situated on The French Riviera in an area of Provence, F ...
Karlstein Castle Czech Republic

The grand Karlstein Castle towers above the village of Karlstein in the Czech Republic, Europe.
Construction of the elaborate Karlstein Castle began in 1348 and wasn't completed until 1356. Charles IV dedicated a lot of care and attention to the interior decoration of the castle until his de ...
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