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Manhattan Skyline Picture

The mass of closely erected buildings make for a diverse skyline in Manhatten, New York.
While travelling on a ferry to Liberty and/or Ellis Island on clear days some stunning views unfold before the visitor. The massive wall of skyscrapers an the edge of the Hudson River is one of the ...
Amer Fort India

The elaborate Amer Fort is situated on a hilltop near the city of Jaipur in India and is a mix of hindu and muslin architecture.
The vast complex of the Amer fort near Jaipur in Rajasthan impresses with large palaces, places and beautiful views to the surrounding dry and harsh mountains. The complex was for hundreds of years ...
Frankfurt Blue Hour Picture

The skyline in the city of Frankfurt is ablaze with both natural blue hour colours as well as the city lighting which reflects on the river.
During the blue hour this scenery was seen from a busy railroad bridge in the east of Frankfurt. With the ever changing light the city starts glowing in a golden light.
Lethbridge Alberta Picture

Constructed in 1909, the High Level Bridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, remains the highest and longest bridge of it's type in the world.
It's the third largest city in Alberta and the hub of southern Alberta, but the city of Lethbridge had a humble beginning. First established in the late 1800's Lethbridge, which once bore the n ...
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