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Paraglider Austria

A Paraglider get a birds eye view over the Alps of Austria, Europe.
To fly over the top of the mountains is an old dream of mankind, these paragliders found their way to make this dream come true over the snowy tops of the Austrian alps.
Denmark Sunset

Fishing Boats on the shore of the North Sea in Denmark, Europe.
Even on Denmark's rural west coast, scenes like these are hard to find anymore. There are only a few "harbours" left which operate like this one, pulling the boats and ships right up on the beach. ...
Yukon Sunset

A vivid sunset in the Yukon Territory of Canada.
After driving 400 miles up from Skagway we settled in a motel in Beaver Creek in the Yukon Territory, just south of the Alaskan Border on the AlCan. At about midnight we drove out again on the Alcan ...
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