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Award Winning Polar Bear Picture Hudson Bay Canada

A polar bear makes its way towards the camera during a photo shoot on the shores of Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada. A 2008 award winning picture by Thomas Schaeffer.
The internet is one of the most common and far reaching ways for photographers to publish their work. By posting pictures in one of the many "communities" which provide a platform for photographer ...
Northern Royal Albatross Otago Peninsula NZ

A majestic Northern Royal Albatross soars above the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the Otago Peninsula of New Zealand on wings which span up to 3 metres across.
With the wind beneath massive outstretched wings, a Northern Royal Albatross scans the water below at Taiaroa Head on the Otago Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand. Northern Royal Alba ...
Picture Of An Arctic Fox

Almost blending into the snow, an Arctic Fox makes its way across the tundra near the town of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
This arctic fox was running around the tundra for a while when we finally managed to get close enough for some decent photos. The shots were taken during a polar bear trip to Churchill, Manitoba
Picture Of New Zealand Sea Lions

Adult New Zealand Sea lions prefer a sandy beach as a haul out location for resting and breeding - Molyneux Bay in the Catlins on the South Island is the perfect location.
Also known as Hooker's Sea Lions, the New Zealand Sea Lion is a rare and endangered species found only in the South Island and subantarctic islands of NZ. New Zealand Sea Lions, Phocarctos hook ...
Australasian Gannet Juvenile Cape Kidnappers NZ

One of only three mainland Australasian Gannet colonies in New Zealand is found at Cape Kidnappers in the Hawkes Bay.
An adult bird grooms a juvenile Australasian Gannet chick to rid it of the fluffy white down. The Cape Kidnappers Australasian Gannet colony is one of the best places to see the gannets who nes ...
Killer Whale Johnstone Strait British Columbia Canada

A lone male killer whale plies the waters of Johnstone Strait on a summer afternoon backdropped by the British Columbia coast mountains of Canada.
Surrounded by mountains, forest and water - Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a haven for nature lovers. The mountains and forests are home to a various of land dwelling mammals suc ...
Hectors Dolphins Akaroa Harbour Canterbury NZ

A glimpse at the smallest member of the delphinidae family, the Hector's Dolphins are also very rare and endemic to NZ, they are seen in Akaroa Harbour in Canterbury.
The easiest way to identify the Hector's Dolphins in NZ waters is by the shape of their dorsal fin. It is rounded or crescent shaped as opposed to the more pointed shapes of all other species foun ...
New Zealand Fur Seal Pup North Island NZ

The largest New Zealand Fur Seal colony is found at Cape Palliser on the North Island which plays host to a large number of Pups during the summer.
The New Zealand Fur Seal was hunted near to extinction until its protection in 1894. Now the species has completely recovered and there are several healthy breeding colonies or rookeries around th ...
Bald Eagle In Flight Homer Alaska

The graceful flight of a Bald Eagle along the Homer Spit, Alaska, USA.
During a very cold spring day we were photographing the Bald Eagles along the Homer Spit in Alaska, USA. This eagle flew right past me while I was down on the beach. This is an interesting shot ...
Bald Eagle Homer Alaska

One of the best places to see Bald Eagles is in Homer, Alaska, USA.
While strolling along the beach in Homer, Alaska, this Bald eagle caught my attention sitting on a nearby rooftop.
Picture Of A Moose Stag

A lone moose stag stands in the tidal flats of Homer, Alaska, USA.
This lonely moose was seen in the tidal flats of Homer, Alaska. Moose are the most impressive vegetarians of the Alaskan wilderness, with weights of up to 1500 pounds.
Orca Whales

A delightful encounter with the northern resident orca whales in British Columbia, Canada.
It's an awe inspiring sight to see orca whales (aka Killer Whales). It is even more impressive to see their massive bodies surfing behind a boat, cutting through the water like a hot knife through ...
Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale watching in the Strait of Belle Isle in Newfoundland, Canada.
A humpback whale, megaptera novaeangliae, takes a deep dive in the Strait of Belle Isle in Newfoundland, Canada. The Humpback Whale is a baleen whale which filters its food from the water. It's ...
White Sided Dolphin

An extremely active Pacific White Sided Dolphin performs an acrobatic trick in the waters of British Columbia, Canada.
A frisky dolphin leaps into the air after riding in the wake of a boat as though to say "do that some more!!".Also nicknamed Lags because of their lengthy and cumbersome scientific name "Lagenorhy ...
Playful Bears

A couple of playful grizzly bears on the banks of Naknek Lake in Alaska, USA.
While waiting for the path before and behind us to cleared of bears we watched this pair of younger bears playing around in the shallow waters of Naknek Lake.
Killer Whales Telegraph Cove

A family pod of Killer Whales in a resting pattern near Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island.
The Northern Resident Killer Whales spend some of their time in the summer months in the Johnstone Strait area in and around Robson Bight - East of Telegraph Cove. There are several options for to ...
Whale Watching In BC

A rainbow forms in the mist of an Orcas blow during a whale watching tour in BC, Canada.
One of the best places in Canada for Whale Watching is in BC or British Columbia. Vancouver Island is the ultimate destination in BC with several whale watching operators departing from Victoria, ...
Brooks Falls Grizzly Bears

A couple of Grizzly Bears fishing for salmon in Brooks Falls.
Every year in July the grizzly bears gather on brooks falls in Katmai NP to catch the spawning salmon in the Brooks falls. The spectacle attracts a lot of photographers and bear lovers from all around ...
Bear Cub

Small Cub Trotting Behind His Family in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA.
While watching the bears in Katmai NP a mother with 4 cubs came wandering just beneath the safe viewing platform. Sadfully it is not unusual that the male bears are killing and eating the cubs, especially ...
Alaska Sea Otter

A Sea Otter In Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.
Sea otters are a common sight in alaskan waters. This particular one was looking lazily at our boat when we cruised resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska.
Tufted Puffin Alaska

Funny birds like the Tufted Puffin are a common sight around the waters of Alaska, USA.
The funny looking Tufted puffin is one of the most loved birds of Alaska. Every visitor wishes to see one of these little birds when he cruises the waters of Alaska.
Grizzly Bear Welcome

A Mother Grizzly Bear with her Cub are the welcoming committee for visitors to Katmai National Park in Alaska, USA.
When arriving in Katmai's Naknek Lake airport by floatplane it is very common to be greeted by a bear. These two, a mother with her cub, spend the whole morning on the beach between the planes, giving ...
Grizzlies Alaska

Pair Of Grizzlies In Denali National Park in Alaska, USA.
This pair of grizzlies in Denali NP could be spotted and watched during half an hour playing and feeding on the slopes just beside the park road.
Ptarmigan Summer Plumage

A Ptarmigan bird with brown summer plumage
The usually shy ptarmigan bird is covered with its summer feathers as we saw it near Savage River, Denali NP.
Perched Bald Eagle

A Bald Eagle watches while perched in a large pine tree.
Bald eagles are common in most of the Northwest coast of the American continent. This one was seen in a tree on the shores of an island in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia, Canada.
Bald Eagle

A sharp eyed Bald Eagle rests during a snowfall in Alaska, USA.
The scientific name for a bald eagle is Haliaeetus leucocephalus. A bald eagle is classified as a Sea or Fish Eagle and it generally preys on fish although it will also prey on small mammals if it ...

A beautiful young Cougar keeps a sharp lookout on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
The powerful, and nimble Cougar is one of the top preditors in Canada. Their behaviour is similar to that of a domestic cat when in predatory mode. They will often use the element of surprise to catch ...
Pacific White Sided Dolphins

A group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins speed through the water off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
This huge group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins were really stirring up the water as they travelled through Blackfish Sound. They seemed to be on a mission to get somewhere. Pacific White Sided Dolphins ...
Bald Eagles

A funny scene of a group of Bald Eagles lined up on a log in Alaska, USA.
Approximately half the world's population of Bald Eagles is located in Alaska, USA. Together with the population from British Columbia, Canada the northwest coast of North America represents the largest ...
Deer Stag

A wild deer stag stands on the hillside and blows a raspberry at the camera.
Maybe he was just tired of getting photographed all the time, but somehow he decided to give me the raspberry when I decided to portrait him in his rainy zoo.
Grizzly Bear Cubs

A mother Grizzly Bear teaches her 4 cubs to search for food in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA.
Walking around in katmai NP during the salmon run is like walking in the Zoo, just without the fences. Bears everywhere! But to spot a mother with 4 cubs is a rare thing even for Katmai standards. ...
Grizzly Cubs

A grizzly bear sow leads her 4 cubs out of the bush in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA.
Walking around in katmai NP during the salmon run is like walking in the Zoo, just without the fences. Bears everywhere! But to spot a mother with 4 cubs is a rare thing even for Katmai standards. ...
Grizzly Bears

Two Grizzly bears rest in the lush vegetation of Denali National Park, Alaska, USA.
During a bus tour from Denali Visitor Center to Kantishna Roadhouse in the Summer of '06 we stopped for two brown spots in the green grass on the slopes of Polychrome Pass. After waiting for some minutes ...
Killer Whale BC

One of the best places to see a Killer Whale is in the coastal waters off BC, British Columbia, Canada.
Orcas or killer whales are very common in Johnstone Strait just between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia, BC. Going out on a small vessel just before sunset to catch these ...
Grizzly Bear Family

A grizzly bear crosses a river with her family in the Katmai National Park in Alaska.
Walking around in katmai National Park during the salmon run is like walking in the Zoo, just without the fences. bears everywhere! But to spot a mother with 4 cubs is a rare thing even for Katmai standards ...
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